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Welcome to Zhejiang Rongyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Author  Time2017-06-05
Zhejiang Rongyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful West Lake side, 104 National Road side, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.
The factory has the most advanced non - woven looms and rapier looms. Mainly produces polyester filter cloth 621, 747, 758, 3927 and 120-78222; polypropylene filter cloth 750A, 750B, 750AB, 108C, 521 and short 4212. Among them, 108C, 750AB, 8222 and other industrial filter cloth imported machine, endless loom production, thickness, density reached the most advanced level in china. Monofilament filter cloth production are: polypropylene monofilament polyester monofilament filter cloth, filter cloth, nylon monofilament filter cloth, widely used in coal production, dairy processing, beer malt filtering, aluminum filtration, to fill gaps in the domestic production of monofilament filter cloth in industry applications. The company produces filter cloth in the chemical, smelting, steel, sugar, pharmaceutical, ceramics, non-ferrous smelting, carbon black, machinery, casting, power, coal preparation plant and other industries. Products are exported to all over the world and become excellent industrial filter cloth supplier at home and abroad.
Filter press, filter cloth produced by our company are applicable to all sectors of the vertical filter plate, filter cloth, centrifuges, belt filter, pulse dust removal fan, dust removal equipment and so on, all the staff of the company dedicated to provide customers with high-quality products and services.
Sincerely welcome your customers to visit and cooperate with us! Create a better tomorrow!
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