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P84 high temperature dust removing cloth
 P84 high temperature resistant needle punched felt dust removing cloth
Product introduction: P84 dust bag has the following three remarkable characteristics:
1, significant temperature resistance; operating temperature of 260 degrees, but with a safe space to cope with the shutdown and unexpected events, etc..
2, good chemical resistance; has confirmed the value of P84 filter filter bag of acid gas, acid dust in the past ten years in the garbage incineration.
3, low pressure and high elastic reverse wash off mud cake efficiency; P84 fiber properties due to the fineness of itself significantly, because of irregular fiber to fiber cross-sectional surface area increased to a maximum and provide many tiny pores and surface filtering effect is better than depth filtering. Just stay in the dust filter mat surface can not wear filter medium, so the inverse washing pressure small and filter cake play off to improve efficiency, has the extremely fine powder collecting efficiency and operation pressure difference.
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